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Talk with Tom: Episode #32 | The Role Luck Plays In Our Success


The results of recent studies strongly suggest that luck and opportunity play an underappreciated role in determining the final level of individual success. Success may truly lie at the intersection of preparation meeting opportunity, however, that is not the entire story. As the researchers point out, since rewards and resources are usually given to those who are already highly rewarded, this often causes a lack of opportunities for those who are most talented (i.e., have the greatest potential to actually benefit from the resources), and it doesn’t take into account the important role of luck, which can emerge spontaneously throughout the creative process.

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Goals Series: 10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever – Part 1


In a continuation of my Goals Series, I offer up 10 ways to make this year your best year ever:

The beginning of the year is a special time of year. It’s a time when most of us reflect on the past year and take time to plan the future year. Most of us turn our focus to improving ourselves and our life by implementing new habits for the year ahead. Many resolve (create new year’s resolutions) to make positive changes in the year ahead. Continue reading

Six Daily Disciplines for Success


imagesBeing successful is not something that happens to you over night.  It takes hard work and discipline.  It takes patience and a whole lot of repeating the same types of tasks and habits every day.  Take a look at your daily habits are they helping propel you forward towards your success?  I ask this question because it is important for you to recognize how you are either helping or hurting yourself. Continue reading

An Attitude of Gratitude


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.13.11 PM

Your attitude can make or break almost any situation.

Your attitude is the energy you bring into the room. You can have a positive attitude about the events in your life, or you can complain… YOU decide. You can choose to respond in a positive way to almost any event or circumstance – the attitude you have is simply a choice you make. If you change your attitude, you can change your life. Continue reading

Goals and Goal Setting!



Image of Lululemon handbag – these are some great goals and affirmations!

Are you ready for the New Year?  Do you know what you would like to accomplish in these next twelve months? Have you accomplished everything that you wanted to accomplish in 2014?  What are your goals for 2015 and have you written them down? Writing out our goals may be one of the most important things that we can do as we anticipate the coming of the New Year. Unfortunately it is also one of those tasks that gets pushed aside until we are at least a month or two into the New Year. Continue reading

A Time to be Thankful


Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 8.59.53 AM

For those of us who reside in the United States, tomorrow we will be celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday. The Success Series team is truly grateful for the wonderful support that we receive from all of you, we appreciate it very much.

With Thanksgiving already upon us, it means that the end of the year will soon be here. Now would be a great time to look back on your year and acknowledge all that you have accomplished and what it is that you are grateful for. It could be something as simple as waking up every day or having transportation to and from work or for your family and friends. If you are able to read this, there is one more thing to be thankful for. Continue reading