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Improve Your Life Using the Laws of the Universe (Part 2)



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Improve Your Life Using the Laws of the Universe (Part 2)



Last post you will recall we covered the first 7 of the 12 Laws of the Universe:

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness
  2. The Law of Vibration
  3. The Law of Correspondence
  4. The Law of Attraction
  5. The Law of Inspired Action
  6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  7. The Law of Cause and Effect

Now let’s turn to the final five laws of the universe to improve your life.


How to harness the final five Laws of the Universe to improve your life.


  1. Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is about reaping what you sow. It instills trust in us that we will be compensated for our work as long as we’re open to receiving in all the many ways that the universe can deliver. To be clear, compensation in this sense isn’t limited to employment arrangements or financial compensation. Rather, it’s about receiving compensation for all your contributions to the world around you, including the love, joy, and kindness you spread; it is all rewarded.


  1. Law of Relativity

Nothing and no one is inherently good or bad. Everything is a spectrum of expression, and there is more than one perspective on any situation or challenge. In other words, we are the ones who assign meaning to things, so we can choose to regard things as “bad” or as happening in our favor.


Everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride!


  1. Law of Polarity

Everything has a polar opposite: If there’s an up, there’s a down. If there’s light, there’s dark. One cannot exist without the other. Experiencing these polarities is part of the human experience, and they also help us learn from our mistakes and support us in identifying what we don’t want so we can get clearer on what we do want.


  1. Law of Perpetual Motion

The Law of Perpetual Motion tells us that everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride. If life is tough and challenging, know that it will change. If everything is peachy, then savor the moment, but don’t try to make it last beyond the natural order of things. Each stage of life has tremendous gifts to offer.


  1. The Law of Giving and Receiving

The energies of giving and receiving operate within all of us, and in order to create flow, they need to be in balance. To work with this law is to recognize where in your life the balance between giving and receiving is off. You have to allow both sides in you to have their say and get their way. Much like the Monkey Mind, you don’t want to kill it, you simply want to acknowledge it and take what it says into consideration, because it’s just doing its job…to keep you alive!


Well, there you have it (in two parts), the 12 Universal Laws that exist to help us better our lives. Now, let’s get to work in using them!




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