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Getting Unstuck From a Past Trauma



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Getting Unstuck From a Past Trauma



Came across this article on self-actualization that I found so profound that I wanted to pass it on to you. It’s about a five-minute read, so give yourself enough time to take it in. You can find the original at


In Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster, often described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.


Those who gazed upon Medusa’s face would turn to stone.


In a similar way, people who go through hard experiences can turn to stone, emotionally.


As trauma expert Dr. Peter Levine has said, “It is how we respond to a traumatic event that determines whether trauma will be a cruel and punishing Medusa turning us into stone, or whether it will be a spiritual teacher taking us along vast and uncharted pathways.”


We’ve all experienced “trauma,” whether we think we have or not. According to Dr. Lisa Firestone:


“A trauma can be defined as any significant negative event or incident that shaped us. It can emerge from any impactful instance that made us feel bad, scared, hurt or ashamed. By this definition, we have all experienced some degree of trauma in the process of growing up.”


Having “suppressed emotions” is another way of saying we have unresolved trauma in our lives.


But what does this actually mean?


How people become emotionally stuck


If you’ve had a hard experience in your past where something negative happened, or where you failed miserably, you might never step far outside your comfort zone again.


In that case, you’ve become incredibly limited because of your past.


Your emotions own you, rather than you owning your emotions.


When this happens, your personality stops developing, and you become incredibly predictable as a person.


Your life becomes quite repetitive.

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Happy Birthday To My Son, INDY!!











This is the motto he lives by.

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