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Talk with Tom Episode #12: The Productivity Sweet Spot


productivity sweet spot

#GrowYourLife and #BuildYourBusiness


In this episode of Talk with Tom, we are reminded that we all have 168 hours in our week. From the most unproductive of people to the most productive of us…we all have 168 hours to be productive, accomplish our goals, and live a fulfilling life. We learn that Productivity is best realized when combining Effectiveness with Efficiency and that productivity resides at the intersection of Time, Energy, and Attention (Focus). Continue reading

A 30-day Guide to Self-Improvement





Self-Improvement . It’s not often that I’ll offer up a quick fix because there’s usually no such thing. But today I’ll try something that you just might like, and if you do, please let me know. I offer up here a 30-day personal development plan. Continue reading

15 FREE Online Resources to Build Your Dream Business




Free online resources. Many of my Business Coaching clients are start-ups, small business entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. Having founded over 19 companies and partnerships over the course of my 35 year business career, I know the importance of building a business properly, right from the start. The very thing the participants in my Build Your Dream Business course like most is that I go through each business area systematically one-by-one, one session at a time (ie: formation, capitalization, finance, marketing, sales, product development, manufacturing, legal, etc). Continue reading