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Talk with Tom Episode #3 | E+R=O


Responding to moments with consciousness and control will bring outcomes that we want in our life. E is the event, R is your response to the event, thereby defining, O the outcome of the event.

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Goals Series: 10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever – Part 1


In a continuation of my Goals Series, I offer up 10 ways to make this year your best year ever:

The beginning of the year is a special time of year. It’s a time when most of us reflect on the past year and take time to plan the future year. Most of us turn our focus to improving ourselves and our life by implementing new habits for the year ahead. Many resolve (create new year’s resolutions) to make positive changes in the year ahead. Continue reading

Goals Series: 4 Tips For Reaching Your 2016 Goals


2016 GoalsDo you want to make 2016 your best and most successful year ever? Stay tuned and I will tell you how to make your 2016 goals a reality with four very practical and easy-to-do tips.

Tips for Reaching Your 2016 Goals

Focus on your most important goal of 2016 and develop the skills necessary to achieve it. Manage your time by prioritizing tasks and develop the habit of completing your most important task first thing in the morning. Continue reading