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Successful Entrepreneurs Failing Forward


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Successful Entrepreneurs Failing Forward


Steve Jobs failed forward. So has Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates … so have each of the other 8 entrepreneurs included below. Each of these individuals struggled through depression, business failures, debt and doubt on their path to becoming the successes we know them as today:


Jeff Bezos

Prior to starting Amazon, Jeff Bezos floated a few different ideas. Among them was a shopping site known as zShops which failed.


Fred Smith

We all have heard this story of FedEx founder Fred Smith: in college, Fred pitched the idea for his future company on an assignment for which his professor gave him a failing grade because the idea was infeasible.


Sir James Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners has evolved to a huge business but Sir James Dyson failed forward to get there. Before finding his footing, Dyson worked on more than 5,000 prototypes and depended on his wife’s income to stay afloat.  


Thomas Edison

Speaking of prototypes, history knows Thomas Edison as a great inventor but he had over 10,000 failed prototypes before he invented the light bulb. His resume also includes a series of lost jobs and teachers who call him “unteachable”.


Steve Jobs

Apple was a tech giant when Steve Jobs passed-away but it wasn’t always that way. When the company was in its infancy, products like the Apple I and Lisa computers created millions in company losses. In the mid-80s, Jobs was even fired from Apple until being re-hired by the Board in 1997.

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Talk with Tom: Episode #54 | TwT Motivational Minute: Release the Brakes Using Affirmations


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Are You Chronically Late?


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Are You Chronically Late?


Many people have the habit of constantly running late … er ah, let me re-state that: I used to have the habit of constantly running late … and it drove myself and others crazy!


Some have the opposite problem – they often arrive too early. This is annoying as well, but in a different way. In any event, more people seem bothered by chronic lateness. Feeling as though you’re always running 20 minutes behind schedule is an unhappy feeling. Having to rush, forgetting things in your haste, dealing with annoyed people when you arrive… it’s no fun.


There are many reasons you might be late, but some reasons are particularly common. The first step is to identify the problem – then you can see more easily what you need to change. Are you late because…


If you’re so exhausted in the morning that you sleep until the last possible moment, it’s time to think about going to sleep earlier. Many people don’t get enough sleep, and sleep deprivation is a real drag on your personal energy and health. Try to turn off the light sooner each night.



Apparently, this is a common cause of tardiness. If you always try to answer one more email or put away one more load of laundry before you leave, here’s a way to outwit yourself: take a task with you that you can do once you reach your destination. Tell yourself that you need that 10 minutes on the other end to read those brochure drafts or check your CFO’s figures.

Figure out the precise time that you need to leave for your typical commute by testing it day-by-day at that hour.

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