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Talk with Tom Episode #10 | Defeating your Limiting Beliefs


Our thoughts control our lives. As we strive towards our goals we need to make sure that our thoughts are focused on our success. When we set major goals it is very possible that our mind will create thoughts that are contrary to our success. In this month’s Talk with Tom, Tom Hart discusses how to break the habit of creating these limiting thoughts and move closer to our own successes.

Change and Starting a New Season in Life


Change and Starting a New Season In Life

As summer winds to an end, school’s starting, and Fall is right around the corner, we are reminded that seasons – life chapters – come and go.

Something happens to you, and with it something changes. Maybe many things change. At times like that we often default to our innate wiring of either excitement for the coming change, or concern because our status quo has moved. Continue reading

Meditation and the Benefits of Its Daily Practice


Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation and the Benefits of Its Daily Practice

Guest blog by: Aaron Wilker, host of Talk with Tom


A quick word from Tom:

Are you interested in meditation, but question its validity since it appears a little too foo-foo for you? Despite its PR problem, mindfulness meditation is a simple, secular, scientifically validated exercise for your brain. Just in case you’re worried, meditation doesn’t require a lot of the things people fear it might. For example, you don’t have to sit in a funny position, light incense, chant, become a Buddhist or believe in anything in particular. Continue reading