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Talk with Tom Episode #17: 5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness


Tom Hart Success Series 5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness

In this episode of Talk with Tom, Tom gives us 5 reasons to practice mindfulness, how mindfulness improves decision- making, and why Richard Branson recommends entrepreneurs practice mindfulness.

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8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings


Tom Hart Success Series 8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings



Are you, your company, your team or your employer susceptible to “death by meeting”? Absolutely! Here are 8 ways to maximize your meetings and minimize the pain:

8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings


1. Circulate an agenda and supporting documents before the meeting. It always baffles me when I’m invited to attend a meeting and the only clue as to what the meeting is for is the topic in the subject line of an email invite. Respect people’s time by sending a meeting agenda and supporting documents ahead of time, and, ideally, mention the desired outcome you, as the meeting organizer, want.

2. Make sure key people are invited; don’t invite non-essential participants. You ever been in a meeting where the meeting organizer invited people who really didn’t need to be there and ended up contributing little to nothing? Often times, these people try to justify their presence by stating an opinion that ends up being nothing but a distraction. Remember the desired outcome you want and invite only those that are the relevant decision makers to that end. Continue reading

3-Step Guide To Meditation


3-Step Meditation



As I mentioned in my last blog post, The 5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness, meditation is now a key part of my ideal morning routine after, at first, being one of those individuals that used to poo-poo it saying, “I don’t have time to meditate.” Perhaps you’re like I was and yet…you’re curious.  You ask – “Would meditation reduce my stress, keep me centered, and help me achieve my goals?” You wonder – “Well…it probably wouldn’t hurt, but how do I start?” If that describes you, then this blog post is for you. Continue reading