Monthly Archives: March 2015

Six Daily Disciplines for Success


imagesBeing successful is not something that happens to you over night.  It takes hard work and discipline.  It takes patience and a whole lot of repeating the same types of tasks and habits every day.  Take a look at your daily habits are they helping propel you forward towards your success?  I ask this question because it is important for you to recognize how you are either helping or hurting yourself. Continue reading

Finish What You’ve Started!


Congratulations, you have decided that you are going to change your life for the better. You have written down your vision for your future in each of the Seven Life Areas and you have written down your goals for each one. Two months have gone by and you are becoming frustrated because you do not seem to be making much headway on accomplishing some of your goals. Why not? You wonder. When you start working on a specific goal, something more urgent pops up and takes you away from what you were focusing on. Don’t worry, I have some strategies that will help you stayed focused and move you towards your successful life! Continue reading