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Trust The Process


Embrace Life Symbol

Embrace Life Symbol

Expect the Unexpected

When life brings us unexpected things (which is what life is) we sometimes over think or try to force a certain path rather than just trusting the process. Society tells us more, more, more, and has wired us to over think things.  In actuality, the process, higher power, God, the Universe, wants us to relax. Continue reading

Personal Strategic Planning By Brian Tracy’s GOSPA Method


personal-strategic-planning-gospa-methodMany of you know the name Brian Tracy, just as you would Tony Robbins or Jack Canfield. The three are what I would consider the godfathers of current day personal development, just as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Wayne Dyer and Werner Erhard were back in the day.  I’ve had the occasion to spend more time with Brian lately by virtue of a real estate deal one of my companies is working on. The mention of his latest book, Get Smart!, came up in our conversation yesterday, Continue reading