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Talk with Tom: Episode #60 | The Ultimate 7 Habits Guide


ultimate 7 habits

On today’s episode of Talk with Tom, Tom will be giving us the ultimate 7 habits guide including:

  • 7 great habits of the most successful people;
  • 7 simple habits to keep you consistently happy every day;
  • 7 money habits of the wealthy we can all adopt;
  • 7 habits of people who build extraordinary relationships;
  • And more!

Every month Tom shares topic after topic to Grow Your Life and Build Your Business. If you’re not already a subscriber, join us. Talk with Tom is 100% free, and there are special benefits available only to our subscribers, so be sure you subscribe yourself on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, and we look forward to seeing you right back here on the last Wednesday of every month with Talk with Tom.

Happy Birthday To My Son, INDY!!











This is the motto he lives by.

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Your Healthy Day via Ancient Chinese Medicine



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Life Area: Physical and Personal

Topic: Healthy Living


Your Healthy Day via Ancient Chinese Medicine


Most of us think of our Circadian Rhythm (body clock), as the internal system that regulates when we fall asleep and wake up. But there’s so much more to our inner timekeeper, especially when considered through the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine.


According to the 2,500-year-old practice, just about every function of our body is linked to a specific time on our internal clock. Each organ has a time period each day when it’s in the spotlight. This the time when that particular organ, and its related energy meridians, are said to be most energized and working hardest, affecting everything from our emotions to our productivity.


Here is a tour of the Morning, Noon and Night body clock according to this ancient practice – tips on how to optimize it through food and lifestyle choices. Think of it as a roadmap that’s meant to guide you toward working with your body’s natural rhythms, rather than against them.




Drink some water and do a gentle workout
Organ: Large intestine
Actions: Waking up and releasing
Emotions being processed: Guilt and stagnation


It’s best to start the day with water, as hydration allows the large intestine to begin its process of elimination. Sorry, but hot coffee doesn’t count…caffeine in the morning is what leads to the midday crash and the release of too much cortisol throughout the day. You should also give yourself time upon waking to relax and allow for your body to naturally detox.


Eat a nutritious breakfast
Organ: Stomach
Actions: Eating and nourishing
Emotions being processed: Despair


According to Chinese medicine, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast will assist in building good, long-lasting energy for the day.

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An Investment Gaining Popularity With My Millennial Followers


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Life Area: Financial

Topic: Millennial Investments


An Investment Gaining Popularity With My Millennial Followers


As I was researching for an upcoming blog post on the topic of Personal Finance, I came across some research I wanted to immediately pass-on to my Millennial followers: Like most investors, Millennials want convenient, simple ways to invest that will help them achieve their financial goals. Based on what these young professionals are doing with their company-sponsored and individual retirement plans, Millennials seem to be gravitating toward what many see as the perfect all-in-one investment vehicle to save for retirement: target-date funds.


Nearly two-thirds of professionals in their 20s who participate in 401(k) plans at work use target-date funds in their investment strategies, according to the latest available research from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. That compares to less than half for those in their 60s. With many employers offering target-date funds within their menu of investing options, the availability and simplicity of these funds makes them an obvious choice, and recent hires are gravitating toward them now more than ever.


What is a target-date fund?

One of the appeals of target-date funds is that they are easy to understand. The idea is that each fund targets individuals who intend to retire or otherwise get access to their money at a certain date in the future. In order to accommodate this time horizon, the investments that each target-date fund start out having an aggressive growth objective when the target date is far in the future. Over time, the fund then shifts to a more conservative approach, balancing growth and income needs gradually over time. By the time the target date is imminent, target-date funds have a greater emphasis on capital preservation than on future growth.


Let me mention, however, that these funds tend to be pretty broad and don’t make it possible for you to invest in certain stocks individually, especially your hand-picked social impact stocks.

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