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Talk with Tom: Episode #25 | 10 Basics of Personal Finance


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On today’s episode of Talk with Tom, Tom gives us the 10 Basics of Personal Finance including:

  • Have a reason why money and financial freedom is important
  • Create a Prosperity Mindset
  • Decide what you want
  • Assess where you are
  • And more!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Tom Hart and the Success Series Team


Happy Thanksgiving From Success Series

Happy Thanksgiving!

This coming Thursday those of us who reside in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday primarily celebrated with family and friends in an expression of shared gratitude for our many blessings. As you sit down with you and yours, please remember that we at Success Series are truly grateful for the wonderful support that we receive from all of you. Continue reading

A Simple Mindfulness Practice – Keep a Gratitude Journal


A Simple Mindfulness Practice - Keep a Gratitude Journal


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Perhaps you’re on a roll with your mindfulness practice by incorporating my FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series into your week. If not, give it a try [here] or at If so, fantastic!! Keep it up! Maybe it’s time to integrate a Gratitude Journal into your mindfulness practice.

A Simple Mindfulness Practice – Keep a Gratitude Journal


Studies suggest that writing in a gratitude journal three or four times a week might actually have a greater impact on our happiness than journaling every day. So just take 10 minutes every other day and note three things you are grateful for.

The overall benefit you want to achieve is to actually FEEL the joy…the good emotions…that come with your recollection of a good event, experience, person, or thing in your life.

Write down up to five things for which you feel grateful. Physically writing it is important—don’t just do this exercise in your head — and yes, you can do it on your computer, or with an app, and not lose out on anything. The things you list can be relatively small in importance like “my tasty lunch today” or significant, such as “my game changing new job.”

How to do it

There’s no wrong way to keep a gratitude journal, but here are nine guidelines to get you started:

  1. Be as specific as possible—specificity is key to fostering gratitude. “I’m grateful that my co-workers brought me soup when I was sick on Tuesday” will be more effective than “I’m grateful for my co-workers.”
  2. Go for depth over breadth. Elaborating in detail about a particular person or thing for which you’re grateful carries more benefits than a superficial list of many things.
  3. Get personal. Focusing on people to whom you are grateful has more of an impact than focusing on things for which you are grateful.
  4. Try subtraction, not just addition. Consider what your life would be like without certain people or things, rather than just tallying up all the good stuff. Be grateful for the negative outcomes you avoided, escaped, prevented, or turned into something positive—try not to take that good fortune for granted. Continue reading

Success Series Affirmations


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5 Tips to Minimize Stress


5 Tips to Minimize Stress

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Stress is a normal and natural part of human life — you can’t avoid it, so how do you manage it?


5 Tips to Minimize Stress

We encounter stress every day: in driving through traffic, falling behind schedule and managing big projects. We must learn to how to deal with stress in order to lead a more productive, happy life.

Today I’m going to share a few ways that I manage the stress in my life, and I know these will work for you as well.

Here are 5 tips to minimize stress:

1) Plan Your Day

Plan every aspect of your day and plan your activities in advance, especially if you are going through a difficult time in your life. Having a plan for your day will make you feel more in control. You won’t have to think about or make a decision on what to do next. Becoming an expert in time management will reduce your stress levels enormously. Breaking down every task and activity in your day or week will make the big picture a lot less intimidating.

2) Focus on Your Most Important Task

When you are experiencing a lot of stress, only work on the tasks that are the most important to improving your life. You can use tools that we’ve discussed in the past, like the 80/20 Rule, to make setting and choosing your goals easier. Setting clear priorities for your work each day, before you begin, will relieve much of your stress immediately. Then, discipline yourself to start on your most important task and work on it until it is complete.

3) Get More Rest

It’s amazing how many people suffer greater stress from the same event because they are just tired. Fatigue causes you to experience stress at much higher levels for much longer periods of time. A body well taken care of will serve you much better in the long-run, and will reduce your stress naturally. If you are planning your day properly, then planning for more sleep shouldn’t be a problem.

Read on to learn two more ways to help you deal with stress >>>>>

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