6 Steps to Manifesting What You Want



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6 Steps to Manifesting What You Want


Many of you have asked me to elaborate here on the universal Law of Attraction. Though known for centuries and widely known in the U.S. at the turn of the century by the publication of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, the Law of Attraction flooded the mainstream by the highly popular mid-2000s movie The Secret. After decades of evolving the description and stating its principles in layman’s terms, the Law of Attraction is now acknowledged as a conventional goal achieving tool one can summon through Affirmations and Intentional Thought. Naturally, the concept of manifestation comes up a lot with my coaching clients and with participants of my workshops, in particular, my Create The Life You Want seminar. In spite of its now wide-spread popularity, this magical process is still often misunderstood.


What is manifestation?

As spiritual beings with free will, we are here to co-create our future with God, the Universe, Higher Power (label it what you will). When we try to manifest something, we are attempting to align with the energy of that thing in order to bring it into our lives.


When the idea of manifestation became popular in the mid-2000s with the movie The Secret, many people mistakenly believed that all they had to do was want something, create a vision board, and then what they desired would magically appear. But the process of manifestation is much more nuanced and involved than that! I often find myself reminding many that the last six letters of Law of Attraction is ACTION!


Here, I share with you six steps to help guide you on your manifestation journey:


6 Steps to Manifesting What You Want

Step 1. Daydream but write it down


We often put limits on what we think we are capable of. Anything and everything manmade that has ever existed, began as a thought. Our mind is a great manifestation tool. An open mind, one with a growth mindset, is an even better manifestation tool. You’ve heard it said again and again: What one can believe to be achieved will be received.  Manifestation can help us discover that there are more possibilities for us than we ever imagined.


It can be very powerful for us to keep a journal and write down what we’re hoping to manifest, especially if it’s something big like a new home, job, or romantic partner. Keeping a journal will hold you accountable during the process. Manifestations can be marathons, or sprint; I would give yourself at least eight weeks of concentrated effort and journaling to see some kind of return on your manifestation investment. After eight weeks, you will have a better idea of how to get there.


Be careful being too unrealistic. And, don’t be too specific, wherein you might block out a greater good that God/the Universe is bringing your way.


Step 2. Watch for synchronistic events/signs


When we start to manifest, we’re entering a co-creative process with a universe that is very much alive, listening, and responsive. Trust the process and stay open to synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. It could be the Universe is dropping clue (ie: breadcrumbs) that will lead you toward your desired outcome. For example, a friend could recommend a book that describes what you’re trying to manifest, or you could see words on a billboard that directly relate to it. Your brain’s reticular activator is on high-alert and will bring things your way to guide you toward your destination.


Be careful not to expect only one certain outcome. Even when writing our Affirmations, we end with, “…or something better” for this very reason.


Step 3. Develop a weekly habit of checking-in with your goal


Whether we are working on this manifestation for three weeks, three months, or three years (larger manifestations like becoming a published author, building a business or starting a family can take years), we need to stay in touch with where we are versus where we want to be (our desired outcome). It’s like navigating with a map, every once in a while you have to cross-check where you are with the map. Meditate on it, pray about it, use the power of your subconscious to do the heavy lifting on a regular basis. We must be sure to acknowledge and recognize the ideas and signs of progress that are coming our way as a means of manifesting what is coming.


Be careful not to cut corners for instant gratification. Manifestation is an organic process that will take as long as it takes. Again, trust the process.


Our True Self inside knows what is truly best for each of us.


Step 4. Be open to revising your approach as you go


Be sure to regularly ask what you are learning on this manifestation journey and how it has changed you or your goal. Remember that life will always send you signs about what you most need to know now. You could have started a manifestation in the hopes of changing your career and received signs about improving your health and self-care. Consider that this might be the first thing you need to handle in order to have the energy and emotional balance to tackle career changes. Your intention will evolve. What you want and how you can best get there are all up for radical change on this journey. We must remember, our True Self inside of each of us knows what is truly best for us.


Be careful to not be too inflexible; be malleable and fluid, not rigid. Kind like a ship at sea needing to change course because of the weather (signs).


Step 5. Practice gratitude and remain grounded

A state of gratitude opens up a whole realm of possibilities for our future. When we are content with our current state (assuming it is not toxic) there is an energetic pull which brings to us what we most want/need with an ease. Gratitude is a practice that promotes more balanced energy and emotions.


We must also stay grounded in our reality of circumstances. Even in manifestation, there are other forces at work which we may, or may not, be able to influence. The state of the larger world, other people’s free will, and divine timing all play a part in what we are able to manifest and when. Yet, manifestation is still a magical process that can yield things that surprise and delight us…sometimes even beyond your wildest dreams! Remember that simple laws of karma—cause and effect that are part of every aspect of earthly life—are still at play here.


Be careful that you don’t dismiss something miraculous that happened as mere coincidence. If we are moving toward our best selves with best intentions, we shouldn’t be surprised when grace shows up in our path.


Step 6. Take action

Like I said earlier, the last six letters of the words Law of Attraction, spell ACTION! We must take action, after action, after action, to move things along in the manifestation process. There won’t always be something to “do,” so at times we just need to let things “marinate”, as Wayne Dyer used to say.


Be careful that you don’t freeze in the face of analysis paralysis. When we feel too intimidated, we must just take the next small step. If we find ourselves stuck or procrastinating taking action, we must ask ourselves if there is some inner work we must first do to overcome some limiting belief or past trauma in order to move forward on our manifestation journey. This is where giving ourselves a little grace might come into play. And then, let’s get right back on track to manifesting the life we want.


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