We Will Miss You, Wayne Dyer



My friends:

I am sorry to tell you that well-known personal development guru Wayne Dyer passed away this past weekend at his home in Maui. I feel very blessed to have met Wayne on a number of occasions and must share that, like similarly enlightened people I have been blessed to have known, Wayne always made me feel like I was the only person in the room when talking with him. He had that presence that makes one feel like everything is right in the world, at that moment.

Though a loss to the planet, I know Wayne always advocated that no one dies before their time and he believed that death is but a transition to another experience. Wayne said “We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.” Wayne’s life was completely dedicated to teaching the world how to live in the highest level of integrity, open-hearted compassion and joy. I aspire to the same with you in my coaching, training and seminars and to live each day that way personally.

You’ve heard me say my favorite Wayne Dyer quote time and again, to you personally or in my workshops: “Don’t die with your music still in you.” It was his way, and is my way, of telling you me to live life at 100%.

Wayne, I thank you for being a tremendous human being and teacher in my life.  I will miss you.

With Love,