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10 Basics of Personal Finance Worksheet

10 Basics of Personal Finance Worksheet

Download the 10 Basics of Personal Finance on one worksheet, including:

  • Have a reason why money and financial freedom is important
  • Create a Prosperity Mindset
  • Decide what you want
  • Assess where you are
  • And more!


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“Tom Hart is a grounded and positive individual; even–keeled. He concentrates on the positives in situations and therefore encourages me to do the same. Tom is an excellent resource for anyone interested in growing to be ‘all they can be’.”

Greg W. | Mill Valley, CA



You have the power to orchestrate your own life the way YOU want it to be!

Create The LIFE You Want

It’s never too late to hit the pause button and re-design your life.

... You can take your career or business to the next level – or change the script completely and set off on a new path that’s better aligned with your passion and purpose.

... You can revitalize your relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues, and achieve more balance and harmony in your life.

... You can embark on the adventure of a lifetime or finally set off to achieve that lifelong dream you’ve always been afraid to pursue.

Everything you want is within your grasp...

You just have to reach out and embrace it.

I can help you achieve this kind of life-changing transformation. Join me and a group of 25 other private clients – and launch yourself toward a life that makes you happier than you ever dreamed possible.

During this private retreat, you will:

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