A 30-day Guide to Self-Improvement





Self-Improvement . It’s not often that I’ll offer up a quick fix because there’s usually no such thing. But today I’ll try something that you just might like, and if you do, please let me know. I offer up here a 30-day personal development plan. Check out how you can turnaround your life within a month. Please give me your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

A 30-day Guide to Self-Improvement

Day 1 To Self-Improvement: Do something for someone else

Day 2 To Self-Improvement: Share your positive experiences with friends and family

Day 3 To Self-Improvement: Stop striving to be an achiever

Day 4 To Self-Improvement: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Day 5 To Self-Improvement: Discover your purpose and enjoy the process

Day 6 To Self-Improvement: Stop getting attention and focus it on other people

Day 7 To Self-Improvement: Give thanks. Your situation could be all lot worse

Day 8 To Self-Improvement. Exercise more of the “P” word…patience

Day 9 To Self-Improvement: Be the first to reach out after an argument

Day 10 To Self-Improvement: Just say “no” and simplify your schedule

Day 11 To Self-Improvement: React to good news with genuine enthusiasm

Day 12 To Self-Improvement: Be diligent in your self-discipline

Day 13: Soak up the wisdom of another person

Day 14: Journal about three new things you’re grateful for

Day 15: And, journal about one positive experience today

Day 16: Exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes

Day 17: Focus on your breathing

Day 18: Express kindness through a text or email

Day 19: Find something or someone that will make you laugh

Day 20: Deal with a problem you’ve been neglecting

Day 21: Do something fun

Day 22: Build up your faith

Day 23: Have lunch with someone, then listen to that person…selflessly

Day 24: Pursue an activity that brings you peace

Day 25: Look at people in the eye, smile and say hello

Day 26: Have some quiet time alone to reflect

Day 27: Look at a situation by taking in the whole picture

Day 28: Reframe that negative self-talk

Day 29: Readjust the strict rules you impose on yourself

Day 30: Relax and be more spontaneous

And here’s a bonus one for those 31-day months…just so you can say you shifted within a month:

Day 31 To Self-Improvement: Spend quality time with an older adult

Daily Habits for Self-Improvement

What would your life look like if you practiced some of these things every day? How would you improve as a person if you extended it beyond 30 days? It may just help you create the life you want rather than reacting to whatever comes your way. What would your life begin to look like if you lived your life with intention, day in and day out?

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One of my missions in life is to move and inspire people to take action in their own personal development and business building.  It is my honor and privilege to serve you in this way.  I make it an absolute MUST that I inspire each and every one of you to STEP UP and live the life of your dreams, NOW, and not settle for less than you can be, do, have, say or believe.

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