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It’s that time of year again! Goal setting time! I always spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day bringing out the draft of my next years goals that I wrote around my birthday (October) and finalize them by using my Personal Strategic Plan (PSP) template (which you can download for FREE from my Resources page on my website: www.SuccessSeriesLLC.com). I set three goals in each of the 7 Life Areas (physical, financial, professional, relational, spiritual, personal and philanthropical) and then translate their deadlines to my Master Calendar and Success Planner. You can download the Master Calendar template and 2019 Success Planner eBook for FREE from my website Resources page as well.


I’ve been setting and achieving goals my entire teen and adult life and have been professionally coaching and training on goal setting for the last 19 years (FUN FACT: I once had a personalize license plate on my car which read “GGGOALS”). I have learned a lot of goal setting hacks along the way and wanted to share 4 of my best ones here for you now.


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1. Keep Your Goals In One Place

Whether you write them in a notebook, use Evernote, or use my FREE PSP, you will want to keep your goals list close at hand and review it regularly. Do a monthly, or at least quarterly, review to assess your progress. Compare where you are to the metrics you selected to measure to determine what needs to still be done to reach the outcome you desire. You should be able to see at a glance what your goal is, the metrics indicating your progress and the next action for pushing things forward.


2. Simplify Your Goals

Write a book. Run a marathon. Launch a new product. You might want to achieve a lot of goals this year, but setting too many at once is a surefire way to dilute your focus. Warren Buffett once told his pilot, Mike Flint, to pick 25 goals he wanted to achieve and then to focus on achieving five of them. He said, “No matter what, the others get no attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top 5.” I say: Three for each of the 7 Life Areas is 21 goals total. Now single out the top one from each category and you’ve got your immediate seven focus goals.

Start with a brain dump (Master Task List) of everything that comes to mind then put the steps into sequence

3. Refine Your Goals

Oftentimes in your minds-eye your goal is all encompassing. It is a single result or outcome. Once you’ve identified it and written it down, it’s time to break it down into its individual steps or tasks. Start with a brain dump (Master Task List) of everything that comes to mind then put the steps into sequence. Each step is put on your Monthly, Weekly and Daily Task Lists. Focus on the top three tasks for today and you’re off and running.


4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Your weekly or monthly review is your first stop on the road to accountability. Other ideas include sharing your goal with a friend and penalizing yourself when you miss a milestone.  Whether you’re working for a company, for yourself or on yourself, commit to a regular check-in about your goals every Friday or Sunday evening. Let’s say you want to create an online course and increase your business revenues. On Friday, ask yourself how many lessons you outlined and recorded. Even if you had an unproductive week, this simple act of checking in will help identify blocks and help you refocus on your goal for the following week. At the end of the month, ask yourself when you can launch the course. And at the end of the quarter, consider if you need to update your goal targets or pick a new one. After you launch your first course, you will have a more realistic view of what and how long it takes to launch a similar course


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