Three Personal Development Habits All Successful People Practice


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Three Personal Development Habits All Successful People Practice

When you research the daily habits of successful people, you’ll find a range of daily habits, for example, from rising early to hit the gym to having a meditative start to your day and waiting to workout until the evening. There are a variety of formulas and preferences out there, so keep in mind that your job is to find the daily habits that work for you, your goals, your body and your life.


However, there are three habits I have come across that stand out and that I practice and know the results of first-hand. I will add these to my list of six that Brendon Burchard learned after his three-years of research for his recent book High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way which I wrote about in my blog post, The Role Luck Plays In Our Success.


1. Successful people spend time in introspection and self-discovery.

Successful people are self-aware on multiple levels. We know our physical selves: our bodies, our energy patterns, how much sleep is optimal, and so on. We have taken the time to learn what the best fuel is to eat, what exercise is best for us to do, and what physical environments are best for us to have at home and office to be most creative and productive, and we know the difference between those two states.


We know ourselves mentally: successful people know their priorities in life and know that all their decisions must start with an assessment of how that decision will serve our vision, mission and purpose.


We know ourselves spiritually: successful people seek enlightenment, they acknowledge a higher-power of some form, recognizing that all things are created and that everything we know of in our physical world was spawned from an idea and spoken into being whether by man or the creator of the universe. And, we try to stay spiritually centered whether through mediation, prayer or religious practices.


2. Successful people spend time improving themselves.

Speaking of being tuned in to themselves, successful people know that to increase their net worth they must increase their personal worth. They’ve mastered the personal SWOT analysis and they consistently invest in themselves. We attend seminars, take online courses, and read, read, read.


It’s no secret that successful people read. We read non-fiction, biographies, self-help, how-to, and professional journals and white papers. We read to improve our knowledge, our mind-set, even our mood.


“Successful people read, read, read.”



3. We spend time sharing ourselves.

Many super successful people are generous with their money and time. I personally believe that trait builds both financial success and personal satisfaction, but it isn’t what I’m referencing here and I didn’t find it to be 100% consistent in all of the “daily habits” lists I read. What I did find to be consistent is that every person referenced or interviewed had a personal message and a platform for sharing it. Their audience might be primarily internal, for instance, within a company they own. But it’s not just, “Here’s what the company has to do to achieve success,” their message might be aimed at the general public, but not, “Here’s why you should buy what I’m selling.”


Successful people have a personal philosophy that permeates everything they say and do. They write, they speak, they mentor, they give interviews and in all of those circumstances they show up fully and completely, sharing not only their message, but the very essence of themselves. It’s what I try to do every week with my emails, blog, podcast, free resources and coaching.


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If you want to be successful, I suggest you read those “daily habits” lists the way you’d look at a blueprint for a house you are building. Make change orders where necessary. Your daily habits need to support your life and your goals. Don’t try to live by someone else’s blueprint. Just be sure you’re dedicating significant quality time to getting to truly know yourself, improving yourself and sharing yourself. Because you are the single most important factor in your success, and the only one you can control.


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