Creating Effective Affirmations


creating effective affirmations



Tony Robbins calls them “Incantations”; Deepak Chopra calls them “Mantras”; I, and others, prefer to say “Affirmations”. No matter what you call them, they are powerful…and THEY WORK!

Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create a vibrational match for what you want to attract into your life.

Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be. Every time you think a negative thought or make a self-depreciating comment you are actually affirming it as your personal truth. Fortunately, the same holds true for positive thoughts and statements.

Strong positive affirmations are powerful means of self-transformation and are key to creating the life you want. Affirmations replace the limiting beliefs that you have internalized for years with positive statements that “affirm” who you want to be and how you want to experience life.


Affirmations are a regular part of my day. I listen to Louise Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts Affirmations app as an important part of my morning routine, I cite my own affirmations throughout the day, and I have others in my ear-buds as I’m falling asleep. Stating affirmations aloud can be a powerful deterrent to negative thinking and if written, and spoken, as effectively as I am going to describe here, can be a supportive tool for your sub-conscious and the law of attraction to help you create the life you want.

Creating Effective Affirmations


One of my most popular downloads from my Workshop Resources page is my Creating Effective Affirmations handout from my Create The Life You Want workshop. Download it for FREE here. Print it off. Carry it with you or post it nearby for you to refer to as you write your personalized affirmations. In it I outline nine guidelines to follow to create powerful, effective affirmations for use EVERYDAY to help you manifest ANYTHING. The Nine Guidelines for Creating Effective Affirmations are:

The Nine Guidelines for Creating Effective Affirmations

1. Start with the words I amThe words I am are the two most powerful words in the language. The subconscious takes any sentence that starts with the words I am and interprets it as a command—a directive to make it happen.

2. Use the present tense. Describe what you want as though you already have it, as though it is already accomplished.

Wrong: I am going to get a new red Porsche 911 Carrera.

Right: I am enjoying driving my new red Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet.

3. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. State your affirmations in the positive. The unconscious does not hear the word no. This means that the statement “Don’t slam the door” is heard as “Slam the door.” The unconscious thinks in pictures, and the words “Don’t slam the door” evoke a picture of slamming the door. The phrase “I am no longer afraid of flying” evokes an image of being afraid of flying, while the phrase “I am enjoying the thrill of flying” evokes an image of enjoyment.

Wrong: I am no longer afraid of flying.

Right: I am enjoying the thrill of flying.

4. Keep it brief. Think of your affirmation as an advertising jingle. Act as if each word costs $1,000. It needs to be short enough and memorable enough to be easily remembered

5. Make it specific. Vague affirmations produce vague results.

Wrong: I am driving my new car.

Right: I am driving my new red Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet.

6. Include an action word ending with – ingThe active verb adds power to the effect by evoking an image of doing it right now.

Wrong: I express myself openly and honestly.

Right: I am confidently expressing myself openly and honestly.

7. Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word. Include the emotional state you would be feeling if you had already achieved the goal. Some commonly used words are enjoying, joyfully, happily, celebrating, proudly, delighted.

Wrong: I weigh 168 pounds.

Right: I am feeling agile and great at 168!

Note that the last one has the ring of an advertising jingle. The subconscious loves rhythm and rhymes. That’s why we are able to more easily remember things such as “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

8. Make affirmations for yourself, not others. When you are constructing your affirmations, make them describe your behavior, not the behavior of others.

Wrong: I am watching Johnny clean up his room.

Right: I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to Johnny.

9. Add “or something better”. When you are affirming getting a specific situation (job, opportunity, vacation), material object (house, car, boat), or relationship (husband, wife, child), always add the words “or something (someone) better.” Sometimes our criteria for what we want comes from our ego or from our limited experience. Sometimes there is someone or something better that is available for us, so let your affirmations include this phrase when it is appropriate.

Example: I am enjoying living in my beautiful beachfront villa on the Ka’anapali coast of Maui or somewhere better.

Your Action Step for Today


Please use these guidelines to write your own effective, powerful affirmations and share one or two in the comment section below to inspire others.

One of my missions in life is to move and inspire people to live their highest vision.  It is my honor and privilege to serve you in this way.  I make it an absolute MUST to inspire each and every one of you to STEP UP and live the life of your dreams, NOW, and not settle for less than you can be, do, have, say or believe.

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