Goals Series: 10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever – Part 2


Today I present Part 2 of 10 Ways To Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever in our Goals Series. Below I list the first five ways in our list of 10:

  1. Assess the past year
  2. Finish up or let go
  3. Put your goals in writing
  4. Exercise
  5. Build new relationships

Now, here are the last five:

6. Learn new skills to make this year your best year ever

New goals require new actions, and new actions typically require new skills. Take a moment to identify some of the skills you would like to acquire this year, and begin looking for the people and resources that can help you acquire those skills.

Whether it’s a local class, an online course, or a seminar, remember that all skills are learnable. Don’t make excuses for not learning new skills. People who stop learning new skills are the first ones to become obsolete in the marketplace.

7. Move away from relationships that don’t support your success to make this year your best year ever

Unfortunately many of us are surrounded by people who do not support our success. Whether they are friends, colleagues, or even relatives, some of these people may try to belittle your ambitions, hold you back, or convince you to quit once you get started.

Understand that you become the average of the people you spend the most time with. If the attitudes, philosophies, and behaviors of the people around you are not aligned with those of the person you intend to become, you must begin dissolving those relationships.

8. Make balance a priority so that you can make this year your best year ever

If this year is going to be your best year ever, then it must be successful in all of the seven life areas: physical, financial, professional, relational, spiritual, personal and philanthropical. You don’t want this to be the year where you get a big promotion at work but your relationship with your spouse goes down the drain. You don’t want this to be the year where your business thrives at the expense of your health.

You want this to be the year where you can achieve balance in life. Balance is about consistency. If you consistently invest in each life area then all areas will improve. If you consistently neglect any of these areas, they will suffer.

9. Create a plan to make this year your best year ever

Your life is either progressing or declining, there is no status quo because time marches on. There is no stagnation. If you are not continuously learning and growing, you are falling behind. Creating a plan means committing to taking the action necessary to achieve. nourishing your mind with new, empowering information on a consistent basis.

By reading books, listening to audios/podcasts, or attending workshops and seminars, you expose yourself to technologies, concepts, and ideas that fuel your creativity, spark new ideas, and help you to see things from a new perspective. You learn actionable steps to move you forward. The progress will then juice you. Momentum becomes your friend.

10. Hold yourself accountable to make this year your best year ever

The last but perhaps most important point to ensure you make this year your best year is to hold yourself accountable. Lack of accountability is one of the single greatest reasons for failure. If no one is holding us accountable for the consistent implementation of new habits or behaviors, we are more likely to fall back into our old patterns.

The secret to holding yourself accountable is to have a system. Without a system for tracking your daily and weekly activities, and then measuring those against the new standards you’ve set for yourself, failure is almost inevitable. What gets measured gets improved.

Well, there you have it: 10 ways to make this year your best year ever. Please visit my resource page and download my Personal Strategic Plan template to help you organize your 2016 goals.

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