Your Thoughts Control Your Life


your thoughts control your life

Your thoughts control your life!

In my last blog and Talk with Tom entitled the “Six Daily Disciplines for Success”, I talked about thinking a better thought (daily discipline #3), as well as have an attitude of gratitude (daily discipline #4). Today, I will expand on these two disciplines as it is extremely important that you understand how they relate to your success.

First begin by having an Attitude of Gratitude. When you are grateful for the life that you are living, thinking better thoughts becomes so much easier. I am grateful for so much: my health, my children, my friends and partners. I am truly grateful that I am able to help so many people find ways to enhance their lives and to become healthier and more successful. One of my clients, Aaron, mentioned on my latest Talk with Tom Podcast, that the first thing that he does in the morning is to thank God for another day and to ask for guidance throughout the day, it is also the last thing that he does right before he goes to sleep. I know that his life has improved over the years and he is grateful for that as well. Begin right now! What is something that you are grateful for? Write it down! State, “I am grateful for ___________”.

Once you’re more grateful for your surroundings and your life, then it is much easier to Think A Better Thought. This discipline is extremely important. It is one of the most important Success Principles. Jack Canfield teaches that in any Event (E) your Response (R) will dictate your Outcome (O). You may be upset that you have to pay more taxes this year than last year. Are you able to turn that into a positive thought? If you are paying more in taxes, you probably increased your income over the last year as well. That is something positive, something that you should be grateful for.

If you are able to see the good that is going on in your life, in any situation, and then are grateful for all of the good that is around you, you will attract more abundance of that goodness. This is the Law of Attraction and it truly does work this way. If you think negative thoughts more often than positive ones, you will have more negative interactions come into your life. Avoid the negative and just think more positive thoughts, be grateful for what you have and I guarantee that you will begin to see more successes enter into your life as well.