He’s Back! (from the triple whammy Perfect Storm)


Ok, ok, you’re wondering “Where did this guy go?” One week I’m receiving his Thought for the Week and the next week he’s gone! Let me explain:



Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 4.21.53 PM

Like most of you, I was humming along when the economic collapse hit. My seminars and coaching practice and my real estate development firm were goin’ and blowin’. Then things changed practically overnight. I had two large-scale community developments underway that didn’t survive the crash and I spent the next year negotiating workouts with lenders and capital partners. That personal financial crisis was like getting hit by a Mack truck leaving me in no shape to advise others until I applied my success principles to my own life with this new normal.

Just about the time I was picking myself up and re-gaining my balance, along came the proverbial freight train to run me over. This time it took the form of my 20 year old daughter being diagnosed with cancer (let me jump ahead and let you know that she has kicked cancer’s ass and continues to scan clean these days). I would love to relay the story in detail, but honestly…after the doc said the word “malignant”, I didn’t hear anything else that he said. And, for you parents out there, I’m sure you can relate, that you, like me, wish it were you having to go through that hell…not your child!! So, wham!, another opportunity to “walk the talk”. I dug deep and made it happen…to a certain extent anyway.

Then, KA-BOOM!!…the cannon-ball. Ever had a cannon rolled up to your heart, and the heart of the love of your life, and fired at point blank range? Well, I hope not! I have and I have got to tell you those three things were the perfect storm causing significant damage.


Every time I began to stand up relying on my previous learnings, I was again punched to the ground…gasping for breath. I had never felt that level of ongoing fear, loss and instability. I am sure many of you can relate and I know that some of you had challenges far surpassing mine. The past five years have seen more change for most, if not all, of us than we have ever experienced before. I had resigned to live in a place where it hurt less and as I recovered, family and good friends supported me, like minded teachers surrounded me and new lessons for my own renaissance showed up. Eventually, I found True Self again and realized the content I had been teaching and loved, needed something more. It didn’t seem to apply fully anymore, so the thought of speaking/coaching/helping others seemed impossible. Even though it is the very essence of me, I have to be all of my Authentic Self to be of value to you.


These challenges allowed me to reach a point of best Authentic Self with a level of excitement and renewed spirit to move forward in my life’s purpose. I am developing brand new content to offer you in my coaching and seminars…new content that applies to an ever changing world. Here’s a sampling:

  • Talk with Tom, is our monthly live call-in teleconference and recorded podcast held on the last Wednesday of the month at 5pm Pacific/6pm Mountain/7pm Central/8pm Eastern. On the call, I field listener questions on various transformational topics to help you and your business reach the pinnacle of success. Previous Talk with Tom recordings can be heard by scrolling down on this blog page to find each one or by using the drop-down menu on the “blog” tab above and link to the Talk with Tom archives. Please register here for call-in information [link].
  • Every third weekend of each month I conduct a weekend experience seminar on some aspect of successful living for the Kindness Life Institute at the new Thrive Integrated Health Center in Denver, Colorado. The next one is Living Life with Intention presented in collaboration with yogi, Ken Santistevan. Check out www.SuccessSeriesLLC.com/upcomingevents for more information and an early registration discount.
  • And, an entire social media platform will be rolled out for you to keep in touch by the many social media offerings out there, including this blog.

As always, I will continue to offer executive and life coaching and seminar series and wisdom workshops including: Success Principles for the New Normal,based on the bestselling book by Jack Canfield, Build Your Dream Business for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, empoweredwoman 101, and RElax | REflect | REframe | REignite with Yoga. Again, you can find out more at www.SuccessSeriesLLC.com/upcomingevents

I am very grateful and honored to serve as your Success Strategist and Master Coach. My goal is to help you and your business find new opportunities for growth and transformation to achieve break-through results. If you want to explore how I can help, please click here to contact me.

May you find fulfillment in living your Purpose with Passion!