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I, like you perhaps, used to be part of the school of thought that I was too busy for meditation. I thought mindfulness, and its cousin meditation, were for folks who were “out there”, practicing some well-meaning but very time consuming, distracting and impractical practice. Boy, was I wrong. Once I was influenced by some successful business people around me, and encouraged to try it by my Talk with Tom host Aaron Wilker, I have found a mindfulness and mindful meditation practice to be a very key tool to my daily accomplishments and to manifesting my goals. I soon realized its popularity and that I was actually finally “getting with the program.” Its importance to me has now grown to a point where it is now part of my ideal morning routine.

And now, I have released my first FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series recorded personally by me which you will find below:

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Do you ever…

  • Find yourself irritated and it gets in the way of your performance?
  • Are you ever so stressed out that you can’t sleep at night?
  • Are you ever so overwhelmed you just can’t seem to stay focused?
  • Do you ever have to make a major decision and just don’t know which way to go, or you’re looking for a solution to a problem and you just can’t find it?

Meditation can help with all of these things.

The more you meditate, the more you will tap into your intuition. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what mindfulness meditation is, describe it’s benefits, and provide a FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series for you to access anytime and anywhere from any device right from this page. With my FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series found below you will have seven 10-minute sessions of a simple to learn and easy to follow format of mindfulness meditation personally guided by me.

Meditation has been proven to help with…

Meditation has been proven to help with sleep, weight loss, creativity, improved memory, decision making, your immune system, managing stress and anxiety, feeling more connected, having better relationships, and so much more.

Imagine yourself…

Clear, intentional, focused, peaceful, happy, calm, balanced, centered, aware, forgiving, motivated, goal-driven, creative, intuitive, wise, healthy, fulfilled, secure, inspired, grateful, trusting, prosperous, decisive, loved, passionate, confident, powerful…

TRANSFORMED. Imagine that you!

Spending just 10 minutes a day in meditation can…

  • Increase your mental clarity, creativity, learning —
    and end that feeling of overwhelm and confusion
  • Dramatically lower your stress
  • Improve your physical health and increase your longevity
  • Improve your mental and emotional health and resolve
    long-standing emotional problems
  • Increase your happiness, inner peace, and the ability
    to succeed
  • End self-sabotage, increase your motivation, and end

Of all the ancient and modern practices designed to enlighten us, why has the simple practice of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation come to the fore-front? Why is Mindfulness taking a strong-hold in healthcare, academia and business? Read further and you will find the answers to those, and other questions you may have about Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation.

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is living in the moment. Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation began as a Buddhist tradition and is now recognized by psychotherapists as a form of Cognitive Therapy. What makes mindfulness unique from other forms of meditation is that the primary focus of mindfulness is on one’s current physical state. Mindfulness meditation is a seated meditation technique that focuses attention on breathing, bodily sensations and mental relaxation.


The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness increases brain gyrification (folding of brain tissue), which allows the brain to process information more efficiently – providing a better grasp on life’s stressors. According to Medical News Today, other mental and physical benefits of mindfulness include:

Mental benefits of Mindfulness include:

  1. Fights memory loss
  2. Helps regulate emotions
  3. Improves academic performance
  4. Fights depression
  5. Fights anxiety
  6. Fights PTSD

Physical benefits of Mindfulness include:

  1. Improves sleep
  2. Aids in weight loss
  3. Lessens cold and flu effects
  4. Reduces heart disease risk
  5. Reduces rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Fights chronic pain
  7. Helps irritable bowel syndrome
  8. Slows HIV progression.

5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness

  1. Mindfulness is FREE. Not only is mindfulness free, but it is “free-ing.” The practice of mindful meditation is a great way to open your mind and creativity…to get your creative juices flowing and get you thinking outside the box.
  2. Mindfulness is SIMPLE. You can practice it anywhere without any needed equipment. If you’re breathing, you are able to practice mindful meditation. Simply follow your breath in and out.
  3. Mindfulness is FLEXIBLE. You can practice mindfulness alone or in a group. It literally makes us more flexible as we observe the present moment and put other concerns and worries in perspective.
  4. Mindfulness is ORGANIC. Duh! It’s breathing-based, the most basic of living practices.
  5. Mindfulness is RELAXING. We are usually focused more on “doing” than “being”. Mindfulness helps us relax in the moment and restore us to a state of centeredness.

meditation audios


7 day mindfulness meditation audio series


How Mindfulness Improves Our Decision-Making


I recently introduced mindfulness practices to my real estate team and use many mindfulness techniques in my coaching and training. Not only have many of my coaching clients heard of it, but some of them practice meditation and other forms of mindfulness everyday. Professional coaches, including NBA Championship coach Phil Jackson and NFL Championship coach Pete Carroll, incorporate mindfulness and meditation in their team practice routines. My early mentor, John Wooden – the winning-est basketball coach in NCAA history, used mindfulness techniques before it was even called that. More and more corporations are offering mindfulness training to their employees and mindfulness techniques are being included in leadership books.

While it’s generally accepted that mindfulness helps decision-makers to reach conclusions, there’s growing evidence the positive influence goes much further, impacting the way decisions are identified, made, implemented and assessed.

Close analysis of the latest mindfulness research by Jochen Reb, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Singapore Management University, for the upcoming book Mindfulness in Organizations, suggests that mindfulness techniques can have a positive effect on all the widely-recognized stages of decision-making.

The Stages of Decision-Making and Mindfulness


  1. Framing the decision – clarifying the objectives, generating options, avoiding irrational escalation of commitment to a previous bad decision, as well as recognizing different choices to be made. This ties mindfulness and authenticity.
  2. Gathering information – once the decision is identified, the decision-maker must start gathering relevant information to make the right choice. The two important aspects of mindfulness to this stage are the quantity and quality of information being collected.
  3. Coming to a conclusion – when choosing a course of action, good judgment requires both intuition and systematic analysis. sometimes these differ, and that is when many decision-makers get stuck. Mindfulness can help the individual examine and quantify these discrepancies. By looking from the 35,000′ level, one can make a more “mindful”, big-picture, decision.
  4. Learning from feedback – this final decision-making stage is arguably the most important for improving one’s decision making in the long run. When one takes a mindfulness stand, one is encouraged to have a heightened awareness which will likely lead to lessons-learned. Able to disengage from ego aids in making better decisions.

Learning how to meditate can help you to achieve success faster, because when your mind is clear and focused, and your body is relaxed and calm, you can access information, both internal and external, that can help you make better decisions.

meditation audios


What is Meditation?


Meditation is a practice where you train your mind or induce a state of consciousness. You can meditate to realize some benefit, such as relaxation, stress reduction, healing, or strengthening your life force. Or for developing certain qualities such as love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

Focusing on breathing, visualizations, mantras or meditation music can help bring mindfulness to the present moment. This sets the stage to calm your mind.

Meditation can also be used to access inner wisdom and insight from your own higher unconscious or from a Universal power often referred to as God, infinite Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, or Source.

It is also a powerful tool for accessing your creativity, your inner wisdom, and developing your intuition.

For most people, this means to closing your eyes, slowing your breath, and focusing on your goals by repeating a phrase without being distracted by anything else.

free 7-day guided mindfulness meditation audio series


Does Meditation Work?


Most people have a resistance to meditation. They think it’s too weird at first. Or they say they’re too busy to take the time to learn how to meditate.

After reading this, and discovering the simplicity, and many benefits of meditation, my hope is that you will try my personally guided FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series found here and share it with your family and friends.

There are many different forms of meditation that have been developed over thousands of years in many diverse cultures. Some meditations are calming and centering. Some energize and analyze the body. Some develop neutral witness or allow insight and wisdom to emerge. My FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series is a guided meditation format. Below, you will also learn my 3-Step Simple Meditation format.

Learning to meditate is a journey, my FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series will help you get started.

Entrepreneurs and Celebrities Who Meditate


Many of you know my story: my Dad gave me my first personal development book at age 12 and as of this writing I have consumed over 600 motivational, self-improvement, balanced living, and personal development books, seminars, online courses, and audio programs. Even more important for you to know about me is that I have lived and learned from many life lessons on my own success journey and have put the many principles, traits and habits learned to work to benefit my own personal and professional life, for which I am very very grateful.

By age 19, I had founded my first company and have since founded and sold 16 companies and joint ventures and negotiated hundreds of million-dollar+ deals. I now run a thriving coaching and training practice and own a multi-faceted commercial real estate investment and development company. I am on my way back from having lost it all in the wake of the 2008 global financial meltdown…I went from Rock Star to Rock Bottom to Rock Solid. Read more about my perfect storm in this blog post [here]. Needless to say, fast-pace and stress come with the territory.

We all know that entrepreneurs are by definition, managers and risk takers, working in the fast paced business world of financial deals, critical decisions, and competition.

To be successful in this type of environment, and deal with the constant day to day pressures, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs have turned to meditation.

A growing number of highly successful executives have discovered that practicing meditation helps them keep on top of their busy lifestyles, and allows them to experience some balance and tranquility, away from the frantic atmosphere of their industry.


Marc Benioff / Salesforce Founder and CEO Benioff previously worked as an executive at Oracle and says that the stress of that job turned him to meditation, and he has continued practicing it for over ten years. Now at the helm of cloud computing company Salesforce, he enjoys the “clear head” that meditation provides.


Steve Jobs / Former Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs loved meditation, he said, “If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things – that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”


Bill Ford / Chairman of Ford Motor Company In her book Thrive, Arrianna Huffington cites Bill Ford among many others who meditate on a regular basis.



Ray Dalio / Founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates An advocate of transcendental meditation, Dalio, heading up the largest global hedge fund, has made it a large part of the culture of his organization. The billionaire believes that meditation has attributed to every success he has had in life, by giving him peace, health, creativity and centeredness.

Originally inspired by the Beatles, Dalio has stated that his meditating is very practical, and not mysterious, or exotic in any way, and just makes life go better.


Oprah Winfrey / Founder and CEO of OWN and HARPO Productions Oprah is an outright advocate of transcendental meditation and meditates twice daily. She has also made it part of the philosophy of her business, and has brought teaches of the practice into the organization, for any employees who wish to learn the techniques.

Oprah believes that the “stillness” that is induced through meditation allows her to cope with the daily craziness of her world and lets her generate her best work.



Kobe Bryant / All Star NBA Player and Venture Capitalist Kobe Bryant in an interview to promote a program made with Oprah Winfrey explains why he meditates every day, he states, “Meditation helps me clear my mind for the day, otherwise I feel like I’m chasing the day.”


Deepak Chopra / Medical Doctor and CEO of the Chopra Center This one is obvious, Deepak Chopra has created countless meditation programs, including one with Oprah Winfrey that I use nightly, and even free guided meditations for people to use because he believes meditation is an essential healing tool, as well as tap into their true selves and into the power of Infinite Universe (God). Check out Chopra Center here.

“Meditation takes you beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into the pure awareness that is the source of all your happiness, inspiration, and love.” – Deepak Chopra

meditation audios


The Benefits of Meditation


In general, through meditation, you can do many things better. You make better decisions. Meditation can help create longevity for a better life, build intuition, and discover your higher purpose.

A few of the mental health benefits of meditation include greater productivity and focus, less stress throughout the day, anxiety relief, and better sleep at night. Meditation helps reset your hormones, promotes faster healing, and getting sick less.

Some of the spiritual benefits of meditation include, greater awareness of the world around you and a deep connection to yourself and your purpose.

All those things sound pretty great, right?

Try Meditation instead of Medication

meditation audio series

What Happens During Meditation?


The reality is that you’re focusing on one thing so that everything else begins to drop away. During meditation, your mind quiets. You’re able to access your subconscious mind.

When you first start meditating, you may notice that your mind begins to wander. If you sit with your eyes closed, trying not to think a thought, you’ll probably end up pretty frustrated, because your mind will tend to wander and you’ll think you’re failing. This is ok.

Remember: Meditation takes practice.

It’s much easier when you have a guidance, when there’s meditation music, when someone’s voice is guiding you through the steps. That’s what my personally guided FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series provides you.

Your mind doesn’t wander as much, and it’s much easier to follow along and not get lost in all the stories and the to-do lists and the thinking about the past and worrying about the future that we normally do.

meditation audios


The Best Meditation Positions


What are the best meditation postures for success? It’s much simpler than you might think. You can meditate while sitting naturally in a chair. You can meditate sitting on the floor. You can even do it lying down. If you lie down you have the tendency to fall asleep, but do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Benjamin Franklin used to meditate holding a hammer about half an inch above his head so that if he fell asleep the hammer would hit his head and wake him up. He didn’t hold it so high that it would hurt him, but he was that committed to meditation.

7 day guided mindfulness meditation audio series


Learning How to Meditate Effectively Takes Practice and is a Natural Progression


The thought of learning how to meditate can be intimidating to some beginners as there are several types of meditation, such as Mindfulness, Concentration Transcendental, Kundalini, Qi Gong, Zazen and Vipassana… but new practitioners should not get lost in complicated details. With my FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series found below you will have seven 10-minute sessions of a simple to learn and easy to follow format of mindfulness meditation personally guided by me so you won’t become overwhelmed.

Just focus on improving one session at a time.

Whatever form of meditation you do, remember that you can’t do it wrong. Whatever you are experiencing is fine. Don’t expect to have a totally clear mind or to achieve enlightenment overnight.

Meditation is a daily discipline that you practice for years, but the benefits are so profound.

When you first start, a few minutes is plenty. Over time you will find that you will want to meditate longer. It is a natural progression. My FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series meditations are only 10-minutes long…simple and easy.

meditation audios

3-Step Meditation










If you don’t have 10 minutes, try my 3-Step Simple Meditation to just get started:

My 3-Step Simple Meditation

Step 1 – Preparation: Find a quiet and clean place to meditate.
Once you find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Sit with a straight back on a cushion or a chair, in a position that feels comfortable…and close your eyes. Rest your hands gently on your knees or cup them in your lap. Keep your upper body straight, tall like a mountain. Relax your chest and let your body rest easily and breathe gently.

Step 2 – Focus: Close your eyes and begin to focus.
First, take a minute or two to listen to the sounds around you. Can you hear birds chirping outside? Cars driving by? Then, move your full attention to your body. Focus on your shoulders, hands and feet. Think of them as weights and let your body feel that weight. Spend another minute or two focusing solely on your body. Mentally scan, head-to-toe. Next, let your mind wander. Spend the next minute or two thinking positive thoughts.

Step 3 – Breathe
Keeping your eyes closed, shift your attention over to your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. After a few breaths, begin counting. Every time you inhale and then exhale that counts as one. Count up to 10. If your mind starts wandering and you lose count, simply start over. Once you feel calm and ready to take on the day, slowly open your eyes.

Meditation Will Help Calm Your Mind


Try meditation for yourself. Take 5-minutes doing my 3-Step Simple Meditation or jump to [my FREE 7-Day Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series now], or simply get into a comfortable position and focus on your breath. You can focus your mind on one of your personal affirmations.

Another way to calm the mind is by visualizing a peaceful scene such as clouds floating by or the waves on a windy lake growing calmer and calmer. Start by doing this for at least 5 minutes every day, then build on the amount of time you spend meditating, and in a few weeks, reassess how you feel mentally and physically.

So there’s three different ways you can start your meditation practice today and begin seeing results immediately. In addition to peace of mind, I guarantee you’ll notice increased clarity and energy in your life when you figure out how to meditate.

meditation audios


More Entrepreneurs and Celebrities Who Meditate

Arianna Huffington / President and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Media Group Huffington is convinced of the benefits of meditation, not just for the health of individuals, but also in the interests of companies.

She goes so far as saying that businesses using meditation practices have a definite competitive advantage. The stress reduction and healthier, happier employees make a more effective and energetic workplace.


Lebron James / All Star NBA Player and Co-founder of Uninterrupted Multimedia In this ten second clip, it’s fairly obvious that Lebron James is no stranger to meditation as he’s seen here meditating on the bench during a basketball game.


Evan Williams / Twitter Co-founder In her book Thrive, Arianna Huffington mentions Evan Williams as one of the many successful entrepreneurs who meditate.



Hugh Jackman / Actor, Founder Laughing Man Coffee, Co-founder Seed Productions (also a Tony Robbins coaching client) Hugh Jackman is a huge fan of mediation. He says that the zen habit has changed his life! Some of his sound-bites about meditation include:

“Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!”

“The activity of being a husband, a father—those are roles, too, but underneath them is the spiritual center that connects us all, and that’s what’s most important.”

“In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.”


Ellen Degeneres / TV celebrity and Production Company Founder this David Lynch Foundation speech she gave Ellen DeGeneres talks about how both Russell Brand and Russell Simmons inspired her to meditate (specifically, Transcendental Meditation) on . She says its the only time that she’s able to have that “stillness.” In other words, it’s Ellen DeGeneres’ way of staying in the moment, which contributes to her amazing ability to be her authentic self in front of thousands of people.


Katy Perry / Singer, Songwriter Katy Perry tells Rolling Stone magazine in this interview that she starts the day with meditation which helps her get into a positive state of mind.

“I start the day with Transcendental Meditation. It puts me in the best mood. I wake up and just prop myself up in bed for 20 minutes. It’s the only time my mind gets absolute rest,”

“It’s something that’s with you for your whole life. You learn your mantra, it never leaves you, and it’s the deepest rest your brain gets. For people that are so creative and have this kind of creative faucet that never turns off – it just continues and continues – it can be a little exhausting. And, you know, with the continual responsibility of having 127 people on the road, and always being the point person for everything, my subconscious is going even when I’m sleeping. I’m dreaming about whatever I’m creating next, or relationships, or blah, blah, blah. So I’m never really off. And meditation is actually the one time I get to really reset.”


Richard Branson / Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group When Richard Branson celebrated his 65th birthday on July 18, 2015 a profile of Branson ran on, 65 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Richard Branson and, of course, among them was meditation. And, infamously at this point, we all know that meditation is a key part of Branson’s morning routine.

Read my blog post here which answers why Richard Branson recommends that entrepreneurs practice meditation.

The bottom line is that meditation can provide proven benefits that are tangible and scientifically proven. Highly successful individuals, who lead global corporations, have come to depend on meditation techniques, to help them continue their success and sustain their health and well-being.

They strongly believe in the advantages that it provides for individuals as well as corporations. A veritable “Who’s Who “of meditation today includes an ever growing number of personalities who are outstanding individuals in their field.

meditation audios


Additional Meditation Tips

Here are a few more tips to enhance your meditation practice:

  • Use a journal to write down how you felt before and after meditation.
  • Try smiling during meditation to help set an intention for inner contentment.
  • When you feel ready, lengthen your meditation incrementally over time.
  • Play soft background music to help you relax and set the mood for your meditation.
  • Feeling restless is normal and a great reason to continue!
  • Avoid meditating on a full stomach, when overly tired, or while wearing restrictive clothing.
  • Do not meditate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Use your own judgment when using prescribed medication.
  • It is helpful prior to meditation to prepare yourself mentally. For example: you may read, discuss, or listen to or think about something of an inspirational nature.
  • Find a quiet time when you will not be disturbed by the telephone, doorbell or other interruptions. When you have moved into the inner stillness, all your senses are heightened, and a sudden noise can be a shock to your system.

meditation audio series

Your Inner Wisdom: After a while of meditating you will begin to discover that you have a great deal of wisdom inside. It is simply a matter of taking the time to listen to what is within, and your intuition, sensitivity, and alignment with the universe all begin to grow.

It is as though all the powers of your mind and the secrets of the universe start to become available to you. You will grow in strength in these gifts so long as you seek them for service to your fellow man rather than for selfish, material ends.

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Please let me know if you’ve ever tried meditation and, if so, in what ways it has it benefited you?

Learning how to meditate is a journey, come back to this page time and again to help you maintain your practice.

The process of figuring out how to meditate correctly doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Due to its simple nature, the proven psychological benefits will gradually grow stronger and stronger, improving your emotional and mental health with every session. As a result, you will make room for more success in your life by removing mental clutter that weighs you down.

If you would like to have a regular meditation practice, then I strongly encourage you to simply return to this page or download each of the seven 10-minute meditations found above.

Having a regular meditation practice will help you to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, clear your mind and listen to your intuition so you can tackle any challenge in life with clarity and ease.


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