Ensure That Your Smoothies are Healthy



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Ensure That Your Smoothies are Healthy



Many of you are aware that I take in a smoothie or Herbalife protein shake every day. There are few foods out there with more of an enduring healthy reputation than smoothies. Experts love to recommend them for breakfasts, colorful recipes are splashed all over wellness influencers’ feeds, and smoothies are a mainstay of many wellness-minded restaurant menus.


It makes sense as to why we love them, too. They’re delicious, portable, and relatively easy to throw together in the blender. They seem to be a perfect meal or snack, depending on what you put in them.


But considering that we are unfortunately in a time of peak nutrition information overload – even second-guessing the health merits of certain vegetables, no less – it’s worth revisiting the health merits of the smoothie. Are smoothies healthy? Here’s what you should know.


Are smoothies healthy?

Unfortunately, not always. Not all smoothies are truly healthy, some can contain a lot of added sugar and sweeteners and if you’re having it pre-made somewhere, you don’t know if they’re using unsweetened milk or what type of protein powder.


Smoothies are often seen as being packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and protein (if there’s a source like nut butter, milk, or avocado inside to make it creamy). And, if you compared a smoothie to a bacon breakfast sandwich, you’re probably thinking that smoothie is the healthier option…but not always.




Smoothies can be a perfect snack or breakfast, depending on what you put in them.



Smoothies can be surprisingly high in sugar and calories, thanks in part to their high concentration of fruit. Fruit is generally a healthy choice thanks to its antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. However, fruit also contains fructose (natural sugars and carbohydrates) which can add up when you’re including several different kinds to a single smoothie. I’ve made this mistake many times. And, try to avoid getting something with added sweeteners on top of the natural sugar.Those natural and added sugars can really add up if you’re not careful. For instance, my go to Matcha Green Tea Blast Jamba Juice is over 400 calories and includes 57 grams of sugar.


What does a healthy smoothie or shake look like?

My favorite smoothie is: a quarter cup each of my Herbalife Formula 1 Chocolate Healthy Meal shake mix and Herbalife Protein Drink Mix, 2 tablespoons of Herbalife Prolessa Duo fat-blocker, 2 tablespoons of Organic PBFit peanut butter protein powder, 1 cup of blueberries, ½ an avocado, and a shot of my Young Living Ningxia Red Essential Oil-Infused Wolfberry supplement. Blend on low with 5 ice cubes and 8-10 oz of water or unsweetened plant-based milk. This recipe will ensure that your smoothie is delicious and filling, without just being a sugar bomb that leaves you hungry an hour later.


How often should to enjoy a smoothie?

Like you heard me say earlier, every day. If you’re making a balanced smoothie that is low in sugar and providing your body with proper nutrition they can work for a meal, a snack, or a post workout recovery drink. Since I do Intermittent Fasting, I usually have my smoothie as my first meal of the day around noon (my IF window is 12-8pm). If you make a post-workout smoothie, pack it with ingredients that replenish your electrolytes, like banana. Post-workout, your body is craving energy to replenish and a smoothie can have a pretty good carb-to-protein ratio, which is great for that.


However you make them, and however often you have them, smoothies are a nutritious meal when made properly. Here’s to good eating!




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