What Will You Do With Your Extra Day Of 2020?


There is another event other than the Olympics that occurs every four years…a leap year! Just like my blog post for daylight savings time when we were given an extra hour by “falling back”, today I ask: “What will you do with your extra day of 2020?”


I came across this article from Apartment Therapy which gives us 30+ ideas on what to do with our extra day:


If you’re feeling productive:

  1. Make a detailed, drilled-down, personalized spring cleaning checklist.
  2. Catch up on the chores you missed doing last week.
  3. Get ahead on next week’s chores.
  4. Make the returns that are sitting in your front hall.
  5. Meal plan for the next week and order groceries.
  6. Create a master meal plan template (for instance, Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Bowl Wednesday, Leftovers Thursday, Pizza Friday, etc.).
  7. Create a block schedule.
  8. Take action on the “actionable” paper pile on your desk.
  9. Catch up on laundry.
  10. Do a blitz-clean of your whole house.



In the kitchen:

  1. Take a bath. Toss in some Epsom salts, eucalyptus, or essential oils to take it up a notch.
  2. Drink a hot cup of tea outside, wrapped in a blanket.
  3. Soak your feet in warm water and vinegar.
  4. Trade back rubs with your partner or friend.
  5. Go for a walk in the neighborhood.
  6. Go on a car ride with your favorite music blasting.
  7. Read fiction.
  8. Take a hike.
  9. Have a picnic.
  10. Journal.


If you need to relax:

  1. Empty out your closet and only put back what you wear and love in your current life.
  2. Go through one drawer or one category of clothes/accessories/shoes at a time, keeping only what makes you feel good when it’s on.
  3. Decide on a number of shirts or shoes or coats you feel is reasonable and get rid of what you choose that’s in excess of that number.
  4. Sort through your kitchen tools and donate any duplicates.
  5. Purge your children’s drawers and closets of clothes they never wear or have outgrown.
  6. Go through your cosmetics and makeup and toss anything that’s expired or been open too long.
  7. Grab a garbage bag and donate or toss a designated number of items (say, 50) throughout your house.
  8. Donate ten (non-expired) items from your pantry to a local food bank.
  9. Banish these things from your under-sink cabinet.
  10. Sort through that pesky box of papers (or three of them).


What will you do with your leap day?


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