Ideas to Make the Most of Your Extra Hour



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Ideas to Make the Most of Your Extra Hour


Daylight saving time ends this coming weekend giving us our once a year 25 hour day. What will you do with the bonus time? Whether you are for or against daylight saving time, here are a few ideas on how you can maximize the value of your bonus hour for mind, body and spirit:


If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find the time to read and learn new things. I’ll listen to podcasts or audio books while I’m working out or commuting just to fit in a little extra know-how. Why not use this extra hour to read a chapter or two of that how-to book or relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine and that novel you bought last summer? If you’re a visual learner, YouTube your favorite topic and check out a webinar or two.


Fall brings with it colder weather and less time outdoors for hiking, biking and other activities just when your body needs it most. But here’s the thing – winter might be the most important time of the year to exercise. It releases endorphins to combat the winter blues and it helps strengthen your immune system against the winter cold. Exercise also helps maintain healthy habits that won’t require drastic efforts to undo in the Spring and it keeps your brain sharp and helps you sleep better, too. Use your extra hour to hit the gym or, for those of you in warmer climates, go for it with a hike or trail ride Sunday afternoon.

Why not use this extra hour to read a chapter or two of that how-to book or relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine and that novel you bought last summer?


Finally! Here’s that extra hour you’ve been talking about needing all year to step away from the daily grind and center yourself again. Use this extra hour to turn off the lights, lite a candle and take that long-needed bubble bath. Or, disappear for an hour of prayer and meditation. A mindfulness practice goes a long way to rejuvenating your spirit and connecting you to your True Self and Higher Power. To help you with that, check out my FREE 7-Day Mindfulness Meditation Audio Series personally guided by me at You can access all the sessions anytime, from anywhere, from any device, right from that page OR you may download them and listen to each of the seven sessions any time you want.



Date Night!

Build your significant relationship by hiring the babysitter and hit the town for that much needed connecting point. You know how when life is pulling at you, you sometimes back burner the most important person in your life because … you know you safely can? Well, use this extra hour to buy a little Saturday night date night alone time, just the two of you. That one hour may be just the thing you need to attack the coming week, month, year. And, who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a little bedtime bonus keeping you up ‘til 3:00 am just in time to change the clocks.

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