FREE Year End Assessment Tool





As you look to the new year, it’s important to step back and take a look at the year just finished – to take inventory, add it all up and see how you did.

What were your successes, and where did you come up short? What worked? What didn’t? Which were good decisions, and which were bad? It’s important to learn the lessons of life quickly or you will be apt to repeat them. The tuition for the lesson gets more expensive each time, so it’s better (and less painful) to learn it the first time.

Remember, mistakes are great moments.

To help you perform your year-end assessment, I offer my Year End Assessment Tool downloadable PDF eWorkbook. It is a quick guide help you effectively assess the progress you made toward achieving your 2016 goals in your seven life areas: physical, financial, professional, relational, spiritual, personal, and philanthropical.

In it you will find worksheets to:

  • list goals achieved,
  • progress you experienced,
  • questions to help you review your year, and
  • write down actions you will take in 2017 to further your yet-to-be-accomplished goals.

Download your FREE Year End Assessment Tool here.

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