Why Attention To Exercise and Nutrition Is A Must


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In the late 1990s I was 30 pounds overweight due to too many years of entertaining real estate clients at fancy restaurants, private clubs and Laker games. I gained the weight over 10 years and when my mom had a minor heart attack, following my dad having one himself years earlier, I knew genetics wasn’t helping any. So I lost 30lbs in 60 days by eating less and exercising more.

That wake-up call taught me first hand the value of monitoring your exercise and nutrition and I present to you here five reasons why we can’t afford to neglect diet and exercise:

5 Reasons Why Attention To Exercise And Nutrition Is A Must


1 – First, our bodies are made to move. Our bodies are literally built to move with muscles, tendons, and bones. Our world of technology has created a sedentary culture where people are sitting and staring at their cell phones, tablets, or computer screens for hours on end. In previous times, physical work was a given.

2 – Second, exercise adds fuel to your gas tank. some people think, “I can’t workout, I’m too tired.” What they don’t realize is that if they would just do it, they would be more energetic for the rest of the day. Exercise not only eliminates toxins from our bodies, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it also improves our circulation and our hear and lung health. It might sound counter-intuitive, but exercise gives you more energy than it takes. Read my blog post here on Natural Ways To Gain Energy.

3 – Third, exercise lifts our mood. According to one survey found in one of my Recommended Reading books by Tom Rath, Eat Move Sleep, just twenty minutes of moderate exercise in the morning has been shown to improve mood as much as twelve hours later in the day. Exercise unleashes neurochemical processes (endorphins) that can leave us feeling exhilarated and happy.

4 – Fourth, exercise helps regulate our blood-sugar level, which directly relates to our energy levels. And, of course, so does food. This is one reason why I generally avoid high-carbohydrate, especially refined carbohydrate, meals. They make me sleepy and lethargic because they spike our blood sugar ramping up our insulin, then send us crashing.

5 – Fifth, eating for convenience instead of health and well-being leads to obesity and a whole range of conditions that sap our energy. Looking at the World Economic Forum’s Human Capital Report, what drives down the U.S. numbers is primarily our bad health. There’s a direct connection to the foods we eat and what we’re able to accomplish.


Determine to get (and stay) physically healthy. It’s easy to compromise here. You have to decide ahead of temptation that you’re not going to back down from what matters most to your physical well-being.

Next, move! Get intentional about moving. Park away from the entrance and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ease into it if you need to. Take the elevator up and the stairs down until you’re in the groove. Eat with conviction not convenience. Go to the work of juicing that morning green drink. Pack your own lunch. Order small portions. Watch what you eat and don’t let that deadline or to do list take you off course with an easy out fast food meal.

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