Sharpen the Saw on Sunday




Sharpen The Saw

Sharpen the Saw on Sunday – As entrepreneurs we know we could literally be working 24/7 and never get it all done. The wise ones among us know that if we take the time to refuel we will be far more productive than if we had just kept plugging away at the Task List. It’s what Stephen Covey called Sharpening the Saw. Here then are 6 things you should do every Sunday to help you refuel, plan the week ahead, and look forward to higher productivity:

  1. Get some exercise

    The benefits of exercise have been discussed here many times, for instance in this blog post. While there’s no denying that we all need to be physically active, the busy workweek may not leave us with too much time to squeeze in a workout but you can always plan your Sunday around getting in some physical exercise. Whether it’s kayaking, cycling, or playing a game of basketball with the kids, Sundays offer a great chance for you to Sharpen the Saw by getting in a bit of exercise before hitting your workweek ahead. I personally always find time to get in a few hours on the bike enjoying the outdoors while the weather’s good.

  2. Socialize

    It’s always good to get together with friends and family and to meet new people in order to enhance one’s perspective. Whether at church, an art festival, or a fundraiser, there are plenty of opportunities on Sunday to meet new people and expand your thinking.

  3. Spend some time alone

    While you should definitely spend some quality time with friends and family, you also need to have some alone time. Why? Because being alone has several benefits including giving you the opportunity to reflect, clear your mind, improve your creativity, and do the things that you want to do. You know that Power Hour you been unable to do all week? Take personal time to Sharpen the Saw on Sunday to at least get in one session of meditation, reading, and visioning.

  4. Pursue a passion

    We all need a hobby that is going to recharge our batteries and spark our passion. Whether it’s writing, restoring an old car, painting, or hiking, you should use your free time on days like Sunday to do activities that you normally can’t do during the workweek. The idea is to blow off some steam or get the creative juices flowing so that you feel refreshed and are able to slay the dragons at work the next day.

  5. Do some housekeeping 

    “Housekeeping” can mean a lot of different things for people. It could literally mean cleaning up your office, home or car. It could mean personal maintenance, like personal grooming or getting a haircut or a mani/pedi. Or, it could be cleaning out your inbox or scrolling through your Facebook account and connecting with family and friends. No matter what it means to you, Sundays provide entrepreneurs a chance to catch-up on all of the housekeeping items that may have been put off during the week because you’re now in a position to be free from other distractions.

  6. Plan your upcoming week

    My ideal week has me scheduling planning time for the week ahead on Sunday night. This allows me to look forward to the projects ahead, prioritize my tasks, and time block Monday through Friday. To Sharpen the Saw in this way, you can make sure that you accomplish and focus on your most pressing matters. You will see your week in a snapshot and get clarity on your work ahead. Planning your week ahead of time will also save you time throughout the week. Click here for a Success Series Ideal Week template or download it in Excel format from my Resources page.

Action Step:

Pick at least of the above six suggestions to Sharpen the Saw on Sunday and calendar it now for next weekend.

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