Seven Simple Tricks To Get More Done


checklist2-ss-1920The downside to having the Thanksgiving holiday is that we are all playing catch-up, so this week I’ll give you seven simple tips and tricks that you can use to stay focused and get a lot more done in your day:

1.  List and prioritize your tasks for the day (week).  Don’t do anything else until Number 1 is done.
2.  Prepare your next day in the evening before (and, prepare your week on Sunday evening or Monday morning).
3.  Drink lots of water throughout the day.  This is vital to staying focused.
4.  Use a System or App for time and priority management.  This need not be anything fancy, a simple To Do List app like ToDoist, or Thinglist will do.
5.  Batch task together.  You can literally create hours in your week by following this one technique alone.
6.  Delegate everything you possibly can.
7.  Reward yourself for a job well done. Celebrate! This is important, don’t overlook this.

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Have a productive week!