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10 Basics of Personal Finance Worksheet

10 Basics of Personal Finance Worksheet

Download the 10 Basics of Personal Finance on one worksheet, including:

  • Have a reason why money and financial freedom is important
  • Create a Prosperity Mindset
  • Decide what you want
  • Assess where you are
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“I was a local entrepreneur looking to start my businesses and wasn't sure where to start. I began my search by looking through several online reviews for Life and Business Coaches and reached out to Tom. I wanted to start completely from the beginning including creating a successful business owner's mindset because I had previously attempted to launch a business but got in my own way. With Tom's help, I was able to build my team, develop a product, and create a holding company. Because of Tom's coaching, I had a successful launch and now own a thriving business. Oh yeah… and one added benefit, I developed as a person along the way! Thank you Tom!”

Joe P. | Denver, CO



Build Your Dream Business


success 4.jpgDo You Want to Take Your Business from Idea to Exit? Then this Success Series Entrepreneur’s Seminar Series is for you.

This year-long, once-a-month, program walks you through the various components of visioning, forming, financing, marketing, managing, and selling your business…taking it from Idea to Exit! Presented by Tom Hart, one of the profession’s leading Success Strategists and Master Coaches to start-ups, small businesses, and rapid-growth mid-cap companies for the past 15 years in the areas of:

  • business organization
  • development
  • strategic planning
  • growth strategies
  • reorganization projects
  • marketing & sales programs
  • profit-improvement
  • transformation initiatives

Tom is just the individual you want navigating you through the many opportunities and pitfalls of entrepreneurship. As a Corporate Executive, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Tom Hart has achieved much success in his 25+ year professional life. Tom formed his first company at age 19 and has since founded, bought and sold 16 companies and ventures. He attributes much of his professional success to the many teams he has managed over the years.

His experience has also brought him through the real world of meltdowns and resurgences in tough times which always required innovation and collaboration and sometimes included losing it all and coming back bigger and stronger. Success was never in doubt.

Presented in stand-alone modules, the Course curriculum allows you to join in any month of the year. They are:


From the Business Planning/Strategic Planning Module of the Build Your Dream Business Success Series Workshop.

Come join your peers and be motivated by like-minded individuals. Register here.
$100 per module (per month) or $1,000 for the entire year.

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