8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings


Tom Hart Success Series 8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings



Are you, your company, your team or your employer susceptible to “death by meeting”? Absolutely! Here are 8 ways to maximize your meetings and minimize the pain:

8 Ways To Maximize Your Meetings


1. Circulate an agenda and supporting documents before the meeting. It always baffles me when I’m invited to attend a meeting and the only clue as to what the meeting is for is the topic in the subject line of an email invite. Respect people’s time by sending a meeting agenda and supporting documents ahead of time, and, ideally, mention the desired outcome you, as the meeting organizer, want.

2. Make sure key people are invited; don’t invite non-essential participants. You ever been in a meeting where the meeting organizer invited people who really didn’t need to be there and ended up contributing little to nothing? Often times, these people try to justify their presence by stating an opinion that ends up being nothing but a distraction. Remember the desired outcome you want and invite only those that are the relevant decision makers to that end. Continue reading

3-Step Guide To Meditation


3-Step Meditation



As I mentioned in my last blog post, The 5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness, meditation is now a key part of my ideal morning routine after, at first, being one of those individuals that used to poo-poo it saying, “I don’t have time to meditate.” Perhaps you’re like I was and yet…you’re curious.  You ask – “Would meditation reduce my stress, keep me centered, and help me achieve my goals?” You wonder – “Well…it probably wouldn’t hurt, but how do I start?” If that describes you, then this blog post is for you. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness


Tom Hart Success Series 5 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness



I, like you perhaps, used to be in the school of thought that I was too busy for meditation. I thought mindfulness, and its cousin meditation, were for folks who were “out there”, practicing some well-meaning but very time consuming, distracting and impractical practice. Boy, was I wrong. Once I was influenced by some successful business people around me, and encouraged to give it a try by my Talk with Tom host Aaron Wilker, I have found a mindfulness and mindful meditation practice to be a very key tool to my daily accomplishments and to manifesting my goals. I soon realized its popularity and that I was actually finally “getting with the program.” Its importance has now grown to a point where it is now part of my ideal morning routine and I am so impressed with my results that I will soon be releasing a 7-day guided mediation audio series FREE for you here on my website.

Of all the ancient and modern practices designed to enlighten us, why has the simple practice of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation come to the fore-front? Why is Continue reading

Talk with Tom Episode #16: 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge


Tom Hart Success Series 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge

7-Day Goal Setting Challenge

In this episode of Tom with Tom, Tom walks us through his Goal Setting guidebook The 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge – A Guide to Help You Set Your Goals, Create a Plan of Action and Begin Achieving Them IN ONLY A WEEK! This guidebook can be downloaded for FREE at SuccessSeriesLLC.com/documents/goalsettingchallenge.pdf

Renowned author Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Do you often find yourself wishing for something — whether a brand new car, starting a business, or running a half-marathon – but then never work towards that goal? That’s because you don’t know how to properly set goals and create a plan of action.

Tom’s 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge is for anyone who is looking to achieve a specific goal in their personal or professional life, no matter how big or small. If you’re unsure of how to go about starting on a path to achieving your goals, then this challenge is for you. Over the course of 7 days, you will gain clarity into exactly what you want to achieve in every area of your life and determine a clear-cut plan for how to achieve those goals.


Every month, in just 30 minutes, Tom shares topic after topic to Grow Your Life and Build Your Business. If you’re not already a subscriber, join us. Talk with Tom is 100% free, and there are special benefits available only to our subscribers, so be sure you subscribe yourself on iTunes or GooglePlay, and we look forward to seeing you right back here on the last Wednesday of every month with Talk with Tom.

Try Forming Habits Instead Of Making Resolutions


Success Series blog post - Try Forming Habits



As I pointed out in my last blog post, our minds often prevent us from accomplishing our New Year’s resolutions and after while, whether from procrastination or lost focus, our resolutions fall by the wayside. For those of you out there who set new year’s resolutions vs concrete goals, I have an experiment for you to try this first quarter of the year: rather than set new year’s resolutions, why not aspire to new habits in each of the seven life areas? After while they will soon become a lifestyle…a happier, healthier lifestyle… by doing little things every day. Continue reading

[Enrollment Closing] Virtual Mastermind Group


The window is closing to join the new Mastermind Group personally guided by me via in-person, phone and GoToMeeting!

Join here today!

Almost every day someone asks to “pick my brain.” There are a lot of ways to do that already, including my podcast, book and this blog, but now I am offering for a limited time to a select group, first hand personal guidance from me and a group of your peers, a place to meet, exchange best practices, and solicit advice on business and personal opportunities and challenges.

Click here to learn more.

I know from experience you will learn business and personal strategies that will generate eight-to-ten times your investment in earnings. You will also gain invaluable business and personal contacts.

I am confident anyone who engages in this process with an open mind and an open heart will discover:
– New and proven business and personal life strategies
– Networking opportunities with highly-qualified peers
– Strengths in their leadership they can grow
– Weaknesses in their leadership they can improve
– Insights for greater productivity
– Greater physical and mental energy and creativity
– Clarity about personal and professional priorities


FREE 2017 Success Planner


FREE 2017 Success Planner



Hopefully by now you have outlined your 2017 goals. Well, now it’s time to create your action plan for their achievement. A helpful tool to that end is a copy of this FREE 2017 Success Planner.

Download your Success Planner here (no opt-in required).

This is not your average monthly calendar. It’s the Success Principles Success Planner from Jack Canfield, a guided planner that can elevate your life, helping you achieve your biggest dreams and goals.

As a Jack Canfield affiliate, I am privileged to pass-on this planner designed specifically to help you make this your best year yet. Included inside is:

  • A daily, monthly, and yearly planner using Jack’s time-tested, life-changing principles
  • Simple “fill-in-the-blank” templates to help you plan exactly how to increase your confidence and tackle daily challenges
  • Daily guidelines, plus Jack’s favorite inspirational quotes to ensure you live with passion and purpose, while realizing all your ambitions
  • And more…

I urge you to use this FREE success planner to start planning 2017 and your dream life today.

One of my missions in life is to move and inspire people to take action in their own personal development and business building.  It is my honor and privilege to serve you in this way.  I make it an absolute MUST that I inspire each and every one of you to STEP UP and live the life of your dreams, NOW, and not settle for less than you can be, do, have, say or believe.

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Talk with Tom Episode #15: 10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever


TwT 10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever


10 Ways To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever

In this month’s Talk with Tom, host Aaron Wilker asks Tom his ideas for making 2017 our best year ever. In this episode Tom offers up 10 ways to greatly improve YOUR odds, including assessing last year utilizing his Year End Assessment Tool  SuccessSeriesLLC.com/Wordpress/YearEndAssessmentTool.

Listen in to learn the other nine ways.

If you enjoy this episode of Talk with Tom  SuccessSeriesLLC.com/Wordpress/TalkwithTom, we only ask that you pay it forward so that it might have an impact on someone else’s life as well. Please forward it to your friends, family or followers online. And if you’re new to Talk with Tom, welcome, you have found THE place where hundreds of super achievers come to learn the techniques, tips and tricks for personal and professional development to become better every day.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Hard To Keep



Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Hard To Keep

It dawned on me while reading a recent magazine article why New Year’s resolutions are so hard to keep: it comes down to the way our brains work. A better understanding of your thinking could help you follow through on your goals for 2017. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading

Start Your New Year Strong




5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do To Start The New Year Strong

Start the new year strong! I hope your 2016 was a prosperous year for your business. Regardless if it was a growth year or a static year for you, I think it’s key to your long-term success to spend intentional time reflecting on this past year and plan for the coming year and beyond.

Here are 5 things every entrepreneur should do now to start the new year off strong. Continue reading